Award Winning Photographer

Now, an Award Winning Photographer, 29 Pixel Studios returns from an epic journey to Iceland where the focus was on travel photography!

29 Pixel Studios Travel Photography Iceland from Kansas City

Earning a living as a creative professional is challenging enough. Earning a living specializing in travel photography must be down right impossible! It is something I imagine nearly every photographer would love to do. For most, it’s a dream.

The difference between a dream and a goal is progression towards the idea!

The trip to Iceland was primarily to work on travel photography! No video gear was brought so 100% focus could be given to photography.

Iceland photography gear included- 

Two recommendations for anyone going to Iceland are: Get a camper van!! Then, get this map!! 

How to become an Award Winning Photographer?

Simple… ENTER CONTESTS! Something Nick has NEVER DONE! 

Nick Schale Award Winning PhotographerNote from Nick, “After getting home I tried some metallic prints from Nation’s Photo Lab. They looked beautiful and arrived the same day my wife and I were leaving to go to southern Kansas for the Sumner County Fair. I thought, my mother-in-law might like to see these, so I brought them with. She urged me to enter them into the photography contest in the fair.

PURPLE ribbon! More importantly the professional photographer said, “These are exhibition quality photographs.” Wow! I’m on my way to becoming a travel photographer!”

Nick Schale: Award winning photographer

If you love landscape work, we will be selling prints! If you have a travel agency and need some Iceland photography, let us know by contacting us today!

29 Pixel Studios Travel Photography Iceland from Kansas City

The above piece is the Purple Ribbon winner at the Sumner County Fair!

29 Pixel Studios Travel Photography Iceland from Kansas City

Nick Schale Award Winning Photographer

Game of Thrones fans might recognize the above photographed location!

The next travel destination will be southern Germany in December. Plans are in motion to continue the journey towards becoming a professional travel photographer.


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