Leavenworth C.W. Parker Carousel Museum Video

Well, that was FAST! We gave a tease of the Carousel Museum Video a few days ago, showing some of the 4k video goodness. Now, we are pleased to show the final product!

 Leavenworth C.W. Parker Carousel Museum Video Short-Film

Some of the footage was filmed by the talented Josh Bell, a graduating senior. Production Assistant Paige, the pixel punisher helped on interview day big time. The rest was filmed by Nick and on the Sony FS7.

As we mentioned in the previous post, the community really shines here. A ton of volunteers help restore and maintain these antiques! Here is a 30 second version cut showing horses being worked on by the people of Leavenworth.

When I say antique, ladies and gentlemen, this fully functional carousel is older than World War I! Check them out on TripAdvisor. Leavenworth has a rich history and having it listed as #2 of things to do is an achievement.

29 Pixel Studios could have created three or four hours of C.W. Parker Carousel museum videos. There is so much here folks! Plan a day, bring the kids, take the tour and ride the C.W. Parker Carousel that is over 100 years old. WARNING: It is FAST!

We used footage from the Larissa and Dan wedding. This lovely couple was married a few years back. Between the ceremony and reception, they took a quick trip to the C.W. Parker Carousel Museum! Check out their video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_jafvPyeMo. It’s a fast cut highlight reel, which is fitting pairing it up with the pace of this carousel!

Book the Leavenworth C.W. Parker Carousel Museum for your event! And book 29 Pixel Studios to capture that day! We offer videography / cinematography and photography.

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