Free Cosplay Planet Comicon 2016

Planet Comicon Free Photography 2015 Free Cosplay Planet ComiconFree Cosplay Planet Comicon went amazing!

What a fantastic time at Planet Comicon 2015! Just a reminder that you need to follow THIS LINK and put your email in to get the photos. *the email you put on the permission form will not be used, sorry for the confusion! I apologize but I don’t want to mistype your email and honestly would rather spend that precious time working on your awesome cosplay photography!

Again if you got your photo taken, please follow this link to get your free Planet Comicon 2015 cosplay photography!!

Free Cosplay Planet Comicon update coming!

December 13, 2016

Stay tuned, I have a plan brewing for the 2017 Planet Comicon!

One thought on “Free Cosplay Planet Comicon 2016

  1. gave you a shoutout and a link back on my website for this great photo.
    Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! I still have lots of fun audio to share with you from Planet Comicon 2015!

    But first we have some Disney park and movie news about Frozen, Tron, Deadpool, and STAR WARS!

    And then we’ll get right into some great panels from Planet Comicon. I was able to attend and record a Doctor Who panel with Karen Gillan, and I’ll share what she had to say about Guardiand of the Galaxy and getting sick at Disneyland Paris!

    Next up is Michael Rooker, Sean Gunn, and Garrett Wong to talk all about Guardians of the Galaxy. This panel was funny and you’ll enjoy the antics of Michael Rooker. He’s the most likeable and charismatic “jerk” you’ll ever meet. He’ll sound somewhat mean or rude in the audio, but he always does it with a wink and a smile.

    Special thanks and photo credits to Allen Jones “Little Mac” and to 29 Pixel Studios for great photography!

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