Telling a story with motion graphics

When it comes to telling a story with motion graphics, there is no software greater than Adobe After Effects. 29 Pixel Studios does a lot of work with the City of Leavenworth and the Leavenworth School District (USD 453) and recently I asked for some facts about the district.

My goal was to create a one-minute high-paced animation that brought a little life to text on paper. Looking through all the amazing facts about Leavenworth Schools, I a few that jumped off the page as important. Once I had those facts it was straight to the sketch pad to brainstorm how these statements would ‘move.’ After I had my storyboard it was time to hop into After Effects and crank out some hours! Both the school district and myself are very happy with the end product. Please enjoy *smile*

If for some reason the Facebook embed is not working correctly, you can view the animation on they USD 453’s YouTube page: HERE! 😀

Telling a story with motion graphics and animation.

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