New gear same prices

At the end of 2016, 29 Pixel Studios upgraded capability and bandwidth. New gear same prices!29 Pixel Studios upgrades gear and keeps prices the same! - New gear same prices

Paige the Pixel Punisher is in full swing and doubling the sets of hands at the company is really opening our availability to get our client’s vision produced!

Who knows, maybe we will double our personnel again in 2017!

In addition to increasing bandwidth we added serious horsepower to the gear bag! The newest member to our camera family is the beefy Sony FS7!

What does this mean for our capabilities. We finally have a camera in house that can do ultra high definition at slow motion. And in regular old Blu-Ray resolution 29 Pixel Studios can now do SUPER slow motion. Like 180 frames per second slow motion. (*we always had the abilitiy to do slow motion, but would have to ask specifically if the gig ‘required’ it. Now, we just bring it!)

The added color depth of the FS7 is going to take us up a notch, probably only video geeks like Nick will notice, but hey, that extra 1% is now OURS!

More people on payroll, more capabilities with top notch gear and 29 Pixel studios has decided to keep prices level for 2017!

We love our work, we know you will too! Contact us to find out how we can add value to your mission! New gear same prices!

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