Offering FREE Professional Photography for Cosplayers at Planet Comicon

29 Pixel Studios is Offering FREE Professional Photography for Cosplayers at Planet Comicon this year!

So I guess I’m the official Kansas City Cosplay & Photography (KCCP) Photographer for Planet Comicon! W00t!

29 Pixel Studios Photography CosPlay

My goal: Offer FREE photography to cosplayers.

To help cover the cost of this crazy venture I will have a tip jar out there. It would be amazing to cover my cost and maybe have a couple bucks left over to buy a comic book I’ve been craving for 20 years (Amazing Spider-Man #300 for those who are curious).

What I’m offering: Professional photography using studio strobes and a simple black background (due to the non- ‘business venture approach’ post-production will be limited). Photography will be Friday and Saturday only. I plan on taking a couple breaks to sprint around the floor once the main flood of people have entered. I’ll have a note saying when I plan on being back though! I will be then spending Sunday with my family at the con as a geek infecting my twin children with the goodness of all things awesome!

If there is a short line, we will take a handful of pictures… NOT JUST ONE… does predator have only one pose? Does the joker!? NOPE, if a long line is forming, we will shoot a few. Different poses and lighting variations for more dramatic effect.

How do they get their photos!?: The cosplayer will give their email and sign something basically saying they understand the rights of these photos. There will be cards with a URL where the cosplayer will go after the con and submit their email for me to send one large notification when the gallery is live!

Wait, I caught something about rights to the photos? You will have the right to share these images on social media, you will have the right to download the digital version! You will have the right to print them wherever you want! In fact, the current option I’m planning is to distribute via smugmug… you can order prints from there! What you do not have the right to do is sell these prints. You do not have the right to crop out or photoshop out my logo (I will make it small) ((also I understand if you make it a profile picture and the logo does not make it in… that’s ok!)). If you use these on any website, there needs to be a photo credit to Nick Schale and a link to These cannot be used in print advertising unless permission granted. *If you want the rights to sell these photos we can have that discussion. **Added: Here is the official permission rules that you will have to sign before getting your photo taken!

So you are going to upload EVERYTHING to ONE gallery? Yep. Again, this has no business model attached and I need to keep some hours open for business and family. However if you are wanting a personal gallery I will have a form for that and in post-production after the con, you can purchase a private area to get your photos. Just tell me when we are shooting! **Added: If you want a private gallery, and your photos not all lumped together into one. Please let me know at the time of your pictures being taken! There will be a set-up fee of $15 for this option. You also must pay via this LINK.

Who are you and why are you doing this? I’m a geek. I’m a photographer (and cinematographer). I had a blast last year walking around with one lens and taking photos of cosplayers. The week after, I posted these photos and got some new friends out of the event. One asked if he could buy a shot I took of his kid. Apparently he did not get a good photo and the kid wanted one for his wall. I said, absolutely not, he could not buy it, he could have it! As long as I got a snapshot of it on the wall.


Here he is 🙂 If you want to see my walk-around-shots from that day. Click the image.

Browsing my new friends’ photos I saw many without ‘professional’ photography of their hard work and saw a need! Therefore I feel like I can be part of the cosplay universe by offering something I do have experience with.

2015 is about ‘giving back’ for me and my company. I was very fortunate last year and while I volunteered at multiple schools, gave to my charities and coached a few padawans pro-bono… this year I have kicked it up a notch. This… felt like something I could contribute to.

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