SEA LIFE Arizona Sea Turtle Rescue Video

29 Pixel Studios was honored to work with the fantastic crew of SEA LIFE Arizona to create a Sea Turtle Rescue Video! SEA LIFE’s message is clear: BREED, RESCUE, PROTECT and this video certainly captures the RESCUE element.Videography for Sea Turtle Rescue underway!
Cora was hit by a boat and rescued by the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. It was determined that this young Green Sea Turtle was unreleasable to the wild. Thankfully SEA LIFE Arizona stepped in to give her a permanent home where she will be cared for and serve as an ambassador for the endangered species.

29 Pixel Studios creates video commecial for SEA LIFE ArizonaIf you are in the Phoenix area, you can visit Cora in person. Swing into the theater room and I believe the video I produced is playing in a longer form story of her journey, but for now you can see the highlights here:


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If you are interested, a personal blog on captures fun details from the SEA LIFE Arizona Sea Turtle Rescue Video. You can check out the blog here.

Update; December 13, 2016.

From Nick- First and foremost, Cora is getting HUGE! She looks so healthy and happy. I got to see some video footage of her and have to say, it was like seeing an old friend. Second, 29 Pixel Studios was fortunate enough to film a video project for NICE and the Kansas City Airport. The final video (here) was shown at a fund raiser where one of Southwest’s VPs was the keynote speaker. I made it a point to meet with him and personally thank him for the culture he has at Southwest. It’s important to share when a company goes out of their way to treat you right. Hopefully, we at 29 Pixel Studios can accomplish a sliver of what they have!

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