Melissa Etheridge Motion Graphic Video

29 Pixel Studios was tasked to create a Melissa Etheridge introduction video!

Melissa Etheridge and I are both Leavenworth High School graduates. We didn’t graduate in the same class, but we are both in the same field: storytelling. 29 Pixel Studios happens to use video, photography and graphic design to create this Melissa Etheridge Motion Graphic Video.

Melissa Etheridge Motion Graphic Video - Photographer, Videographer, Cinematographer, video production, intro videoIn addition to being on the Advisory Committee Chairperson for Perkins’ Federal Programs of the Leavenworth School District and giving mini-workshops to LHS interns, 29 Pixel Studios occasionally helps out with some video products.

29 Pixel Studio’s video was to play before Melissa Etheridge’s visit to the City of Leavenworth and USD 453. While visiting she played for a private concert and delivered a keynote speech at the annual foundation breakfast. Then, if that wasn’t enough, two performances at the schools! (link to Leavenworth Times) Rock star!

The purpose of the video 29 Pixel Studios produced is to introduce students to some of her work, achievements and values. For those few who might not know of her impact, here is what this Leavenworth Pioneer has accomplished in the world. While doing some speedy research, it became immediately clear the impact she had on so many lives. Those impacted had such heartfelt things to say, it seemed only appropriate to include their voice.

It is always a pleasure to work with the school district you came from, but to work on a video project for someone who has made a large impact in our world, focuses on her craft and gives back to the community where she came from… that is a honor.

If you are looking for a video producer, photographer, or motion graphic artist please feel free to contact 29 Pixel Studios right away!

*Permission to use music and video for the Melissa Etheridge Motion Graphic Video granted by Melissa Etheridge.