Now offering Dance Studios a new way of doing things.

For years 29 Pixel Studios has produced traditional Dance Studio Photography; the style many dance studios are accustomed to. Parents order prints of a traditional pose, lighting is fairly even making those colors pop and we see that smile. Occasionally, with older dancer we might throw in a contemporary pose with more dramatic lighting. However, when we do those contemporary poses, the big concern is, “What if grandma doesn’t like this contemporary pose where the dancer isn’t looking at the camera?” Well 29 Pixel Studios is now offering Dance Studios a new way of doing things.

Multiple poses, contemporary and traditional, fun and exciting lighting; all digitally delivered to the parents. Parents and Dance Studios have the rights, letting them print wherever they choose! Digital images also means the ability to post the images online, encouraging families to tag your studio generating traffic for the recital and the studio.Dance Studio Photography

Wedding photographers have been doing this for YEARS.

It takes on average, an 8-hour day of nothing but ordering prints the tradition way. This time could be spent editing multiple photographs for the kiddos!

In this scenario, the Dance studio will hire 29 Pixel Studios. No money exchanges hands between the parents and 29 Pixel Studios.

Delivery of the photos is easy; sent via a link, all of the images will be available to view, download, or even purchase at ZERO mark up through SmugMug. The link can be shared to families through email, a newsletter, or even Facebook. Parents can download the high resolution pictures from the site, as well as a release that will allow them to print the photos anywhere they would like.Dance Studio Photography, kansas city

If you have to pick one photograph, of course it will be the smiling kid looking at the camera. Let’s pick all of them from now on!

Dance Studio Photography in Kansas City is about to change!

Contact 29 Pixel Studios today and let’s capture some awesome posdn

Wrapping up Q2 and Kansas City Dance Studio Photography

29 Pixel Studios’ busiest quarter of the year is always the second quarter. 2016 was no different! Kansas City Dance Studio Photography and Videography totaled ten studios needs!

We also premiered a truly innovated way to handle your Dance Studio Photography needs:

*Digital delivery, no more solo prints is what ya get!*

Kansas City Dance Studio Photography and videography for dance recitals

Dance Studio Photography

With commercials being filmed, conferences being photographed and videoed. Helping out with the NFL Fuel Up to Play 60. Getting to do some senior photography, working with USD 453 and with the Army… it’s been a bit crazy!

I’m looking forward to sharing how 29 Pixel Studio serves YOU the customer in the coming weeks. Customer satisfaction and accomplishing our client’s goals are two of our top priorities. Updating our blog, on the other hand, has slipped in priority.  *smile*

One of our focus points for 2017 will be sharing customer feedback and reviews. A big thank you goes out to all the customers who have already help spread the word!

Kansas City Dance Studio Photography done professionally!