Kansas City Airport Video

When NICE approached 29 Pixel Studios about a Kansas City Airport Video and the importance of a thriving airport, we couldn’t wait to start planning. NICE is the National Institute for Construction Excellence and they have three overall visions and goals:

  • Improve education, particularly science, engineering, math and technology for all young people.
  • Elevate the image of construction related fields for young people and in the community.
  • Strengthen economic development in the community.

airportThe story here; the people of Kansas City love our airport as-is. MCI is fast and convenient. While it’s hard to argue against that, it was fascinating to learn more about why a remodel would benefit our entire Kansas City area. Thinking of an airport as something more than a personal people mover helps open up the conversation.

It’s always about the story at 29 Pixel Studios. In a documentary style project, the true story gets revealed during the acquisition phase. NICE lined up many respectable people to interview and get their opinion. It’s our hope that the shocking amount of benefits that a single terminal could bring to Kansas City is evident in our video.

Kansas City Airport Video

From Nick: “I’ve worked on a few projects with the fine people at NICE, so it is with extreme confidence that I say these people are fully committed to their mission of helping youth and strengthen economic development. It’s an honor to have worked with NICE and sincerely look forward to the next chance to tell their story!”


20161025_11114029 Pixel Studios was then brought on to document the fundraising event where the video was revealed. Southwest Vice President, Jason Van Eaton, spoke as the keynote and revealed the companies’ desire for a single terminal. Mr. Eaton said very nice words about the video we produced, so afterwards we thanked him and expressed our loyalty to Southwest! That loyalty is based on the SEA LIFE Sea Turtle Rescue project! http://29pixelstudios.com/sea-life-arizona-sea-turtle-rescue-video/ and on my personal site http://nickschale.com/2016/01/2015-sea-life-arizona-i-love-my-job/.

Nick Schale and Mayor Sly James - Video Production in Kansas City - Kansas City Airport VideoWe had fun producing this video! It would be remiss of me if I didn’t thank the team. Of course, Greg Lever the Executive Director and master planner! Brett Smith knocked out some around the town shots and we had some help from the fantastic Tony Rangel on a day that Nick had to attend a funeral. Finally, our very own Pixel Punisher Paige did some knock out work on this project.


Photography for The Matchbreaker premiere

Wow! It was such an honor to be asked to photograph the Kansas City Premiere of The Matchbreaker!

The Vetter Brothers’ romantic comedy in select theaters last night.

At the Alamo Drafthouse cast and crew walked the red carpet to watch The Matchbreaker on the big screen. Fantastic performance from so many! I can’t wait to pick Cory Vetter’s brain about some of the cinematic shots and technical choices. The tracking and pulling focus on a dozen of the sequences were just brilliant. Kansas City Premiere of The Matchbreaker - Photography for The Matchbreaker premiere, Matchbreaker is a romantic comedy by the Vetter Brothers photography-matchbreaker-premiere Photography for The Matchbreaker premiere

Lot of emotion this night.

If you are like me and unfortunately did not know the late Christina Grimmie personally. You will get to see who she was and from one of the actors, “Christina on screen, that was HER.” Enjoy her acting and experience her stunning voice.

From Nick “Grimmie was taken from us far too soon. Thank you Vetter Brothers for capturing her on screen the way you did.”


You can keep up with them here: https://www.facebook.com/MatchbreakerTheMovie/

Kansas City Premiere of The Matchbreaker

A Corporate Video that Gives Back

Companies can use a Corporate Video for many reasons. Training videos for growth or kick starting the company all together. Video production can be used in hundreds of ways; to teach, inspire, pitch or explain a product.

Literally hundreds of ways, but, video production is ALWAYS about THE STORY.

CommunityAmerica Credit Union decided to tell the story of how they surprised an Instagram follower and new mom, Brandi, by giving her a dream nursery!

Passion. Passion is what makes 29 Pixel Studios stand out. We have a passion for storytelling, whether it be photography, graphic design or videography.

Corporate Video with Karren Mills and Trozzolo Communications GroupIt is clear that CommunityAmerica Credit Union has passion for taking care of their members. A quick browse on their Facebook page, or stroll through their Instagram feed (@communityAmerica) reveals their clients are not only members, but are fans!

It’s rare that a corporate video has such love infused into it, so when a project like this comes along like this we jump at the chance.

In a world where there is no shortage of negative stories, this one should make you smile.

Corporate Video Production in Kansas City

From Nick: As a small business I admire CommunityAmerica Credit Union for the culture of giving that they have created. Bravo! No one ever went broke by giving.

29 Pixel Studios worked with Trozzolo Communications Group to produce this touching video. In fact, an entire team was involved. Part of the team was Interior Designer, Karen Mills and you can check out her site: karenmills.net.

CommunityAmerica Credit Union has raised the bar with this Corporate Video.

Interior Design Photography

Interior design photography. Those words together have a certain harmony. Color scheme, composition, flow, lines, shapes, and overall emotion. That could describe either photography or interior design!

Interior Design Photography in Kansas CityInterior Design Photography in Kansas City

Karen Mills, a nationally known interior designer and former host of the design show Living Large, contracted 29 Pixel Studios to photograph a beautiful house in Overland Park, KS. The objective was to show the end result of Karen’s passion for design and award-winning resale staging capabilities. *Side-note: The house just went on the market! Check it out here on Trulia

Interior Design Photography in Kansas CityInterior Design Photography in Kansas CityHiring a professional graphic designer, photographer or videographer is probably a lot like hiring a professional interior decorator. Sure, you could do these things yourself (even for your company). After all, we all have cameras on our phone! And it seems everyone has at least a slight addiction to television shows focusing on home renovation, resale, flip/flop, or home repair.

So how hard could it be? The answer: not hard at all! If you think your snapshots are pretty, that is a win. If your Pinterest boards inspire you to change something in your living room, then go for it!

Interior Design Photography in Kansas City

If you want your entry way to make a statement and your house to be art, it might be better to hire a professional like Karen Mills. If you want a professional video to get results, or photography instead of ‘pictures,’ or graphic design that has impact… then it might be time to call 29 Pixel Studios.Interior Design Photography in Kansas CityInterior Design PhotographyCheck out more of Karen Mills’ work at http://karenmills.net/. Are you interested in hiring 29 Pixel Studios to photograph your before/after interior design, or perhaps your real estate listing? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us today.

Going all out with interior design photograph / cinematography for your real estate listing…

Adding aerial footage (photography and/or videography) is in our wheelhouse! Take a look at the Burt house project! This mansion is older than the state of Kansas. The owners’ children have all grown and left the nest. Before selling the house, the two wanted a family heirloom. 29 Pixel Studios was brought in to create a long format video (for insurance), a ‘short-film’ for family memories, a commercial to help sell the house, and finally, architectural photography for the listing.

From Nick: “As a kid, one of the careers I wanted to pursue was an architect. At around eight-years old I used all my allowance savings to buy a big bucket of Legos and nearly 30 years later, my four-year old twins are creating with those same bricks. I still love architecture and I am excited that one of my interests and my career meld together.”

Kansas City Photography and Videography

Kansas City Photography and videography fro real estate