5 Things to Consider When Outsourcing Video Editing

Lately, we have been getting a lot more video editing work at 29 Pixel Studios, LLC! So, we decided to create a quick article: 5 Things to Consider When Outsourcing Video Editing!

Every year there are a handful of B2B (Business to Business) projects where 29 Pixel Studios is brought on to start cutting the raw footage into a more manageable size project.

Occasionally the goal for the client is to just hammer out some of the interviews. Other times 29 Pixel Studios is brought on to refine the entire project and help craft the story!

Top things to to consider when outsourcing video editing for your business project!

  1. What is the overall goal and more importantly message, for this project?
    – When the video is handing off the video editing to another company (or freelancer), you must be on the same page of the overall goal. Are we selling a product? Are you telling a story?
    – This will inform the video editor what to leave out and what to highlight.
    Even more so, the key components leading up to each highlighted point.
  2. How far do you want the video editor to take the project?
    – Are you handing off gigabytes and terabytes of raw footage and expecting a refined edit?
    – Or is your project needing chunks of video taken out, things like interviewer’s questions being taken out and repeat answers where the interviewees needed to start over for a clearer answer.
  3. Who are you handing off the project to?
    – New parents are terrified having someone they don’t know watching their babies. – Video projects can feel like someone’s baby. Google searches are great, but the reviews on these companies are more informative than their About Us page!
    – Even better than reviews and google searches is a recommendation! Reach out to your colleges and professional network (maybe check out your LinkedIn contacts).
  4. What is our budget for this step in the process?
    – Editing a video from 20 hours to 2 hours takes a LONG TIME. Even for the fastest editors trimming takes time.
    – Speed cost money, how fast do you want to go?
    – Does the video editing company have a team that might make this more cost effective?
    – For example, on a big project, 29 Pixel Studios will use a Jr Editor to take the first cut down in length.
  5. Is this something you want to do yourself!?
    – 29 Pixel Studios will be focusing more on B2B editing in the future (we love telling stories) but perhaps this is something you don’t wish to outsource.
    – If you (or the project manager) has a difficult time delegating and giving up some control, you might want to consider keeping the project in house.
    – Consider this if you don’t have a clear vision of #1, what is the goal?

If you are looking for a video editing service, please consider 29 Pixel Studios as your go-to solution!

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Telling a story with motion graphics

When it comes to telling a story with motion graphics, there is no software greater than Adobe After Effects. 29 Pixel Studios does a lot of work with the City of Leavenworth and the Leavenworth School District (USD 453) and recently I asked for some facts about the district.

My goal was to create a one-minute high-paced animation that brought a little life to text on paper. Looking through all the amazing facts about Leavenworth Schools, I a few that jumped off the page as important. Once I had those facts it was straight to the sketch pad to brainstorm how these statements would ‘move.’ After I had my storyboard it was time to hop into After Effects and crank out some hours! Both the school district and myself are very happy with the end product. Please enjoy *smile*

If for some reason the Facebook embed is not working correctly, you can view the animation on they USD 453’s YouTube page: HERE! 😀

Telling a story with motion graphics and animation.

If you are looking for a creative solution like motion graphics, cinematography, photography or graphic design to tell your story, I’d love to chat with you. Please feel free to contact 29 Pixel Studios right away!