Photography for The Matchbreaker premiere

Wow, what an honor to be asked to photograph the Kansas City Premiere of The Matchbreaker!

The Vetter Brothers’ romantic comedy was in select theaters last night.

At the Alamo Drafthouse cast and crew walked the red carpet to watch The Matchbreaker on the big screen. Fantastic performance from so many! I can’t wait to pick Cory Vetter’s brain about some of the cinematic shots. The tracking and pulling focus on a dozen of the sequences were just brilliant. Kansas City Premiere of The Matchbreaker - Photography for The Matchbreaker premiere, Matchbreaker is a romantic comedy by the Vetter Brothers photography-matchbreaker-premiere  Photography for The Matchbreaker premiere

Lot of emotion this night.

If you are like me and unfortunately did not know the late Christina Grimmie personally, you will get to see who she was (from one of the actors, “Christina on screen, that was HER”) and experience her stunning voice.

From Nick: “Grimmie was taken too soon from us, thank you Vetter Brothers for capturing her on screen the way you did.”


You can keep up with them here:


A Corporate Video that Gives Back

Companies can use a Corporate Video for many reasons. Training videos for growth or kick starting the company all together. Video production can be used in hundreds of ways; to teach, inspire, pitch or explain a product.

Literally hundreds of ways, but, video production is ALWAYS about THE STORY.

CommunityAmerica Credit Union decided to tell the story of how they surprised an Instagram follower and new mom, Brandi, by giving her a dream nursery!

Passion. Passion is what makes 29 Pixel Studios stand out. We have a passion for storytelling, whether it be photography, graphic design or videography.

Corporate Video with Karren Mills and Trozzolo Communications GroupIt is clear that CommunityAmerica Credit Union has passion for taking care of their members. A quick browse on their Facebook page, or stroll through their Instagram feed (@communityAmerica) reveals their clients are not only members, but are fans!

It’s rare that a corporate video has such love infused into it, so when a project like this comes along like this we jump at the chance.

In a world where there is no shortage of negative stories, this one should make you smile.

Corporate Video Production in Kansas City

From Nick: As a small business I admire CommunityAmerica Credit Union for the culture of giving that they have created. Bravo! No one ever went broke by giving.

29 Pixel Studios worked with Trozzolo Communications Group to produce this touching video. In fact, an entire team was involved. Part of the team was Interior Designer, Karen Mills and you can check out her site:

CommunityAmerica Credit Union has raised the bar with this Corporate Video.

Interior Design Photography

Interior design photography. Those words together have a certain harmony. Color scheme, composition, flow, lines, shapes, and overall emotion. That could describe either photography or interior design!

Interior Design Photography in Kansas CityInterior Design Photography in Kansas City

Karen Mills, a nationally known interior designer and former host of the design show Living Large, contracted 29 Pixel Studios to photograph a beautiful house in Overland Park, KS. The objective was to show the end result of Karen’s passion for design and award-winning resale staging capabilities. *Side-note: The house just went on the market! Check it out here on Trulia

Interior Design Photography in Kansas CityInterior Design Photography in Kansas CityHiring a professional graphic designer, photographer or videographer is probably a lot like hiring a professional interior decorator. Sure, you could do these things yourself (even for your company). After all, we all have cameras on our phone! And it seems everyone has at least a slight addiction to television shows focusing on home renovation, resale, flip/flop, or home repair.

So how hard could it be? The answer: not hard at all! If you think your snapshots are pretty, that is a win. If your Pinterest boards inspire you to change something in your living room, then go for it!

Interior Design Photography in Kansas City

If you want your entry way to make a statement and your house to be art, it might be better to hire a professional like Karen Mills. If you want a professional video to get results, or photography instead of ‘pictures,’ or graphic design that has impact… then it might be time to call 29 Pixel Studios.Interior Design Photography in Kansas CityInterior Design PhotographyCheck out more of Karen Mills’ work at Are you interested in hiring 29 Pixel Studios to photograph your before/after interior design, or perhaps your real estate listing? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us today.

Going all out with interior design photograph / cinematography for your real estate listing…

Adding aerial footage (photography and/or videography) is in our wheelhouse! Take a look at the Burt house project! This mansion is older than the state of Kansas. The owners’ children have all grown and left the nest. Before selling the house, the two wanted a family heirloom. 29 Pixel Studios was brought in to create a long format video (for insurance), a ‘short-film’ for family memories, a commercial to help sell the house, and finally, architectural photography for the listing.

From Nick: “As a kid, one of the careers I wanted to pursue was an architect. At around eight-years old I used all my allowance savings to buy a big bucket of Legos and nearly 30 years later, my four-year old twins are creating with those same bricks. I still love architecture and I am excited that one of my interests and my career meld together.”

Kansas City Photography and Videography

Kansas City Photography and videography fro real estate

Now offering Dance Studios a new way of doing things.

For years 29 Pixel Studios has produced traditional Dance Studio Photography; the style many dance studios are accustomed to. Parents order prints of a traditional pose, lighting is fairly even making those colors pop and we see that smile. Occasionally, with older dancer we might throw in a contemporary pose with more dramatic lighting. However, when we do those contemporary poses, the big concern is, “What if grandma doesn’t like this contemporary pose where the dancer isn’t looking at the camera?” Well 29 Pixel Studios is now offering Dance Studios a new way of doing things.

Multiple poses, contemporary and traditional, fun and exciting lighting; all digitally delivered to the parents. Parents and Dance Studios have the rights, letting them print wherever they choose! Digital images also means the ability to post the images online, encouraging families to tag your studio generating traffic for the recital and the studio.Dance Studio Photography

Wedding photographers have been doing this for YEARS.

It takes on average, an 8-hour day of nothing but ordering prints the tradition way. This time could be spent editing multiple photographs for the kiddos!

In this scenario, the Dance studio will hire 29 Pixel Studios. No money exchanges hands between the parents and 29 Pixel Studios.

Delivery of the photos is easy; sent via a link, all of the images will be available to view, download, or even purchase at ZERO mark up through SmugMug. The link can be shared to families through email, a newsletter, or even Facebook. Parents can download the high resolution pictures from the site, as well as a release that will allow them to print the photos anywhere they would like.Dance Studio Photography, kansas city

If you have to pick one photograph, of course it will be the smiling kid looking at the camera. Let’s pick all of them from now on!

Dance Studio Photography in Kansas City is about to change!

Contact 29 Pixel Studios today and let’s capture some awesome poses!

29 Pixel Studios has hired a new employee!

To accomplish our client’s goals, 29 Pixel Studios often brings on independent contractors. Perhaps a client’s project requires multi-cam recording, or a three-person team is needed to cover a conference.

Paige is joining 29 Pixel Studios August 2016 as the all-around Pixel Punisher (graphic designer *wink*). While she finishes up her degree in graphic design she will be helping 29 Pixel Studios hit home runs for our clients!

Beyond graphic design, Paige is a talented photographer and her video skills are on the rise!

29 Pixel Studios is very lucky to have such a talented artist as a first employee.

Wrapping up Q2

29 Pixel Studios’ busiest quarter of the year is always Q2. 2016 was no different! Ten Dance Studios covered. Also, premiered a new and truly innovated way to handle your Dance Studio Photography needs. *Post coming soon on this!*

With commercials being filmed, conferences being photographed and videoed, helping out with the NFL Fuel Up to Play 60, some senior photography, working with USD 453 and with the Army… it’s been a bit crazy!

I’m looking forward to sharing how 29 Pixel Studio serves YOU the customer in the coming weeks. Customer satisfaction and accomplishing our client’s goals are two of our top priorities, blogging is a little further down the list *smile*.

Real estate video photography (with aerial video)

Real estate video photography (with aerial video) by 29 Pixel Studios

Real estate video photography, Kansas City Aerial Photography, Photography, aerial, Kansas city, kc, mo, ks, videography, mansion, sale, home

Not to long ago I was on a production shoot for the Carroll Mansion in Leavenworth (post here). While filming outside, I was approached by the owner next door asking if I did Real estate video and photography. “Ask me after this project.” I joked, as that was, in a sense, the goal of the Carroll Mansion project. We exchanged contact information. Shortly after that I was invited to this beautiful home for a consult meeting. We discussed the goals: Family keepsake, something for insurance, and of course professional photography and videography that would help sell the property.

A house of this beauty and magnitude needed to be showcased appropriately. To accomplish this, 29 Pixel Studios made two trips out shooting photography, cinematography and a special aerial videography session.

Three videos products were created. A long-format for insurance/complete coverage. Then a slightly shorter version for family keepsake. Finally this 3-minute version to help promote the home. Please enjoy:

So I suppose the answer is, “Yes!” I do Real estate video photography (with aerial video)!

View all the delivered PHOTOGRAPHS at this LINK!

This is where 29 Pixel Studios stands out, telling your story! Selling a mansion? Getting married? Just want to explain a product? You have a story to tell and 29 Pixel Studios can help you get there utilizing videography (cinematography), photography, motion graphics, and/or graphic design.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me here!

For the official listing:

Melissa Etheridge Introduction Video

29 Pixel Studios was tasked to create a Melissa Etheridge introduction video!

Melissa Etheridge and I are both Leavenworth High School graduates. We didn’t graduate in the same class, but we are both in the same field: storytelling. 29 Pixel Studios happens to use video, photography and graphic design while Melissa Etheridge happens to make multiple Grammy worthy songs!

Photographer, Videographer, Cinematographer, video production, intro videoIn addition to being on the Advisory Committee Chairperson for Perkins’ Federal Programs of the Leavenworth School District and giving mini-workshops to LHS interns, 29 Pixel Studios occasionally helps out with some video products.

With fairly short notice (and a tight deadline) 29 Pixel Studios was asked to make a ‘bumper video.’ This video was to play before Melissa Etheridge’s visit to the City of Leavenworth and USD 453. While visiting she played for a private concert, delivered a keynote speech at the annual foundation breakfast and then, if that wasn’t enough, two performances at the schools! (link to Leavenworth Times) Rock star!

The purpose of the video 29 Pixel Studios produced is to introduce students to some of her work, achievements and values. For those few who might not know of her impact, here is what this Leavenworth Pioneer has accomplished in the world. While doing some speedy research, it became immediately clear the impact she had on so many lives. Those impacted had such heartfelt things to say, it seemed only appropriate to include their voice.

It is always a pleasure to work with the school district you came from, but to work on a video project for someone who has made a large impact in our world, focuses on her craft and gives back to the community where she came from… that is a honor.

If you are looking for a video producer, photographer, or motion graphic artist please feel free to contact 29 Pixel Studios right away!

*Permission to use music and video granted by Melissa Etheridge.

Telling a story with motion graphics

When it comes to telling a story with motion graphics, there is no software greater than Adobe After Effects. 29 Pixel Studios does a lot of work with the City of Leavenworth and the Leavenworth School District (USD 453) and recently I asked for some facts about the district.

My goal was to create a one-minute high-paced animation that brought a little life to text on paper. Looking through all the amazing facts about Leavenworth Schools, I a few that jumped off the page as important. Once I had those facts it was straight to the sketch pad to brainstorm how these statements would ‘move.’ After I had my storyboard it was time to hop into After Effects and crank out some hours! Both the school district and myself are very happy with the end product. Please enjoy *smile*

If for some reason the Facebook embed is not working correctly, you can view the animation on they USD 453’s YouTube page: HERE! 😀

Telling a story with motion graphics and animation.

If you are looking for a creative solution like motion graphics, cinematography, photography or graphic design to tell your story, I’d love to chat with you. Please feel free to contact 29 Pixel Studios right away!

SEA LIFE Arizona Sea Turtle Rescue Video

29 Pixel Studios was honored to work with the fantastic crew of SEA LIFE Arizona to create a Sea Turtle Rescue Video! SEA LIFE’s message is clear: BREED, RESCUE, PROTECT and this video certainly captures the RESCUE element.Videography for Sea Turtle Rescue underway!
Cora was hit by a boat and rescued by the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. It was determined that this young Green Sea Turtle was unreleasable to the wild. Thankfully SEA LIFE Arizona stepped in to give her a permanent home where she will be cared for and serve as an ambassador for the endangered species.

29 Pixel Studios creates video commecial for SEA LIFE ArizonaIf you are in the Phoenix area, you can visit Cora in person. Swing into the theater room and I believe the video I produced is playing in a longer form story of her journey, but for now you can see the highlights here:


29 Pixel Studios creates video projects like these to help organizations convey important messages, and reach their customers in a personable way. If you need video production for a company project, a commercial, a conference, or another important event, let 29 Pixel Studios help you accomplish your mission. Contact 29 Pixel Studios today.

If you are interested, a personal blog on captures fun details from the SEA LIFE Arizona Sea Turtle Rescue Video. You can check out the blog here.