Leavenworth C.W. Parker Carousel Museum Video

Well, that was FAST! We gave a tease of the Carousel Museum Video a few days ago, showing some of the 4k video goodness. Now, we are pleased to show the final product!

 Leavenworth C.W. Parker Carousel Museum Video Short-Film

Some of the footage was filmed by the talented Josh Bell, a graduating senior. Production Assistant Paige, the pixel punisher helped on interview day big time. The rest was filmed by Nick and on the Sony FS7.

As we mentioned in the previous post, the community really shines here. A ton of volunteers help restore and maintain these antiques! Here is a 30 second version cut showing horses being worked on by the people of Leavenworth.

When I say antique, ladies and gentlemen, this fully functional carousel is older than World War I! Check them out on TripAdvisor. Leavenworth has a rich history and having it listed as #2 of things to do is an achievement.

29 Pixel Studios could have created three or four hours of C.W. Parker Carousel museum videos. There is so much here folks! Plan a day, bring the kids, take the tour and ride the C.W. Parker Carousel that is over 100 years old. WARNING: It is FAST!

We used footage from the Larissa and Dan wedding. This lovely couple was married a few years back. Between the ceremony and reception, they took a quick trip to the C.W. Parker Carousel Museum! Check out their video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_jafvPyeMo. It’s a fast cut highlight reel, which is fitting pairing it up with the pace of this carousel!

Book the Leavenworth C.W. Parker Carousel Museum for your event! And book 29 Pixel Studios to capture that day! We offer videography / cinematography and photography.

29 Pixel Studios LLC Logo Cinematography, Videography, and Photography Leavenworth C.W. Parker Carousel Museum VideoStorytelling is truly our passion. Our mantra, “Artistic Style, YOUR Story.” keeps focus on driving impact.

4k Video Goodness!

Ohh the 4k Video Goodness! Yes, we added the camera a few months back (and yes, they announced the mark II version 60 days later). Yes, we have used the Sony FS7 on a handful of projects between then and now.

BUT, I’ve kept my foot off the throttle of the 4k Video Goodness until feeling very comfortable with the new camera. **Not about to bring the camera to a client’s shoot without being ready.4k Video Goodness at Kansas City Professional Video Production

One of the advantageous of running your own business is you get to decide which 20 hours a day you get to work! It probably would have been a great idea to schedule a couple days to do nothing but test and practice this camera on projects for fun. Instead we took the slow and steady pace.

Recently we produced a few videos for the fantastically awesome C.W. Parker Carousel Museum! TripAdvisor has 4.5 stars with 78 Reviews! W00t!

The final videos are in the final stages NOW! But we wanted to share a preview of the 4K Video Goodness!

We are bringing cinema to a run and gun style of filming. For the interview parts, we of course used lights to get the scene perfect but capturing action while it unfolded in front of us, that’s what this short video demonstrates!

We plan on sharing the final videos in a later post. 29 Pixel Studios delivered a 10-minute short documentary. We then rendered out a 60-second and 30-second commercial to be used on Leavenworth’s Channel 2. Finally, there was such an amazing volunteer effort to maintain this historic museum, we created a 30-second piece highlighting the community effort.

For our video production services, 29 Pixel Studios is extremely competitively priced! We added the FS7 (along with other heavy hitting inventory) late last year and committed to keeping our prices locked for 2017!

Contact us today and find out just how affordable professional video content can be!


Successful Kickstarter Video

Who wouldn’t want a successful Kickstarter video for their project and help tell the story?! Game Developer, Randy Ritnour hired 29 Pixel Studios to help their KickStarter project for the Takamo Universe.

29 Pixel Studios creates a Successful Kickstarter Video - Video Production company out of Kansas City

29 Pixel Studios was responsible for recording the legendary Kevin J. Anderson and capturing b-roll at World Con. The team at Takamo Universe recorded and produced the rest of the video.

If you have a project that you are about to begin crowdfunding and need a successful kickstarter video. Let us help by contacting us today!

*During some down time, I asked Randy if I could interview him to share some business tips for creatives that might be in game development. He graciously shared some time (check out episode 10 here). Then we interviewed Kevin J. Anderson for Business Tips for Creatives! (Check out episode #3 Here)

Videography demo reel

29 Pixel Studios has a ton of marketing capabilities in our wheelhouse. Each one bringing more value to your brand and company message. Videography or video production might be our favorite though. So it’s about time we put together a videography demo reel!

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then 24 pictures a second + sound must be worth a fortune.

We took a sample of some of our exciting recent work and cut together a demo reel for video.

Not represented here are the weddings, the conferences, photography, or dance studio work. This is geared more towards B2B (business-to-business) clients.

From Nick- Putting this together reminded me how lucky we are to be in an industry that revolves around storytelling. Our clients turn into our friends. Their story turns into our art. We genuinely care about the success of their projects. We are so grateful for all our clients and cannot wait for what 2017’s adventure!


Looking forward to creating the 2017 videography demo reel!Kansas City Photography and videography demo reel